Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let it RAIN!

Who knew prayer walking could be so powerful? Today we split up into two different teams and did two different things: one groups went door to door and the other group(my group) prayer walked. A few days ago during team time my eyes were opened to the things that go on in the barrios where we visit. So, today as I went around and prayer walked, I feel like I can honestly say for the first time my heart was in the right place so I could truly pray for these people and truly listen to what God had and has to say for my life and the people of the barrio’s.  My eyes are opened in a new way only because I feel that God allowed my heart to be completely his and allowed me to pray and declare truth over these people.

When we headed back we just all felt compelled to just stand and pray over the whole entire barrios.
I come to you, asking that you will join my team to pray over the barrios and that the love of God will just out pour and the can feel convictions when they need it and they can feel the love of God.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

~Don't dance in the street~

So we FINALLY made it!! My first week in Nicaraua has been probably been the best week of my entire life! That night we land in Managua i was thinking what in the world have I gotten myself into, but now i am loving life!! the next day we went into the barrios and the kids were so much fun!! My team and I swung them around and just enjoyed every minute of it. As we walked around the barrios we just prayed over the house and asked that God would bring healing over them! I know that this is a short blog but just to let you know i am alive and i am loving every minute of it!