Sunday, October 20, 2013

In Every Season

If there is one thing that I have learned in the past few weeks is that everything happens for a reason, but one thing I know for sure is that God's timing is always perfect! If your like me then you will always have those questions of "I wonder how this would of  turned out if I would of done this differently?" but the great thing is everything happens in His perfect timing!

     Two years ago I was planning on going on a mission trip for the entire summer. Stepping out on faith that the Lord would provide finically, mentally, and spiritually. One of the greatest things to ever experience is the provision of the Lord, watching him provide in ways that you could never imagine was awesome! Days when I had thoughts of "Lord, what have I gotten myself into" or thinking "there is NO way possible that I can meet this next goal" but he would remind me this is my will for your life in this season.
     I just remember getting the phone call from my trip advisor telling me that the trip to Haiti was being cancelled and that we could just pray about going on another trip. Being bummed about my trip every time I heard someone say "Well, it just wasn't meant for you to go," I just wanted to sit down and cry because I knew that I was being called to go somewhere. I wouldn't change that summer for anything in the world and the people I met were absolutely amazing. I knew that the Lord was sending me to Nicaragua and it was all apart of His perfect plan. In that season of my life I learned that the Lord will always provide, you just need to trust that he will!

     In this season of my life, the Lord has given me the chance to go to Haiti on a mission trip! I along with several others will get the chance to love on God's people for a week in Haiti. I am so excited that the doors have been opened and that he has allowed me that chance to go. As the team prepares for the trip I ask that you remember us in your prayers and that he will provide the needs for each of the team members. He has called each and everyone of us to be his hands and feet, whether you go to a foreign country or stay and witness in your own backyard.