Wednesday, January 18, 2012

20 things

As I embark what I consder a milestone in my life I figured I could blog about 20 things that has happened in my 20th year since I will soon be 21!
(which at this moment I am not really sure how I feel about all of this!)
This past year my life has included a lot of precious people, moments and things I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I experienced times where I was sad and cried or there were times where I was happy and laughed and smiled a lot!! 
Please dont think that I am about to give you 20 chapters of my life (because I am not), just sit back and feel apart of my life! SO here WE go!
1. I tured 20..haha go figure!
2. I applied to go out of the country for two months and be the hands and feet of Jesus!
3. In Feb. I had a doctors appointment that made a fear somewhat into a reality (but we aren't really sure)
not going into to much detail I have high hormone levels and that someday when I try for children it maybe hard for me to have them but, only Jesus knows!
4. Not to brag, but I made an awesome for a sweet girl that wasn't for my family and it was my first one
5. I saw my sweet niece turn 2!!
6. I finished Cosmetology school.
7. this should go up a little, but I got accepted to go to NICARAGUA!! (which is why I started this blog!)
8.  Got my nose pierced.
9. Zipped lined in a rain forest.
10. Swam in a dorment Valcano
11.  Met AMAZING people
12. went and saw some SWEET friends in Minnesota
13. started getting a business degree.
14. Saw Edy turn 4!!
15. Finally got a nephew!!!!!!
16.six figures...haha ;]
17. Passed the written exam for Cosmetology state board
18. Saw one of my good friends get married.
19. had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.
20. Went to the beach for the first time for New Years

I am excited to see what my 21st year has to hold!! I am thankful that I have been blessed to make it this far and have done things that I could never imagine doing. Thanks for sitting and reading 20 things of my past year!! <3