Friday, September 30, 2011

~all TANGLED up ~part 2

The Tower

This is where we put all of the snacks..
We used frying pans to put the food in.

Pascal made out of poster board.

They never get his nose right!

~all TANGLED up~

Happy Birthday to Edy!

Come and lets get tangled up in fun as Edy turned four! As me and brittany planned for this years party we wondered what could be better than last year's Areil under the sea
As I was coming home from the atlanta airport me and edy watched tangled and she knows EVERY word.

As, my mom and I planned we want every birthday to be special and since I dont have any kids I have the best job in the world and that is an aunt. You can be that other mother but then you can be the best friend to or the horse that rides around on all fours and ride two little girls on your back. So if  you know me at all I LOVE to plan and hate anything that isnt planned out. So I started to get tangled up and get the best party decorations a piece of cardboard can make!!

This is all of the party stuff all over the dining room.

My mother and I tried to remember what scene went where and how they looked..So we googled and watched certain parts to make this birthday party just like a four year old would want it to be.

When I look at this picture all I can think of is them  singing

So, I have more pictures but I am having trouble loading them so it might come as a later post!!

Are you tangled in fun?