Sunday, October 30, 2011

He's a Little late...but that's OK

Nine months has come and gone..and he is finnaly here!

I am not sure how Asher's mommy feels about  him being here but I do know that I am one happy aunt.

Here is how it all started...

One day my sister text me and said "I have something to tell you" then my heart kind of dropped for a few seconds and then I replied "your pregnant" just saying that as a joke, but BOY was I wrong.
I have a big mouth and like to talk about lots of things and the next text was "YES, but you can't tell anyone".. talk about something hard for me to keep that was it!!!

So then, as the months went on everyone wonders what the sex of the baby will be and we dont have any boys in the family (poor dad) so when we found out it was a boy we were all super excited!!! To let us know what it was the all gave us one of those bubblegum cigars. Once I saw the color blue kee-kee was HAPPY!!

Yes, I ate mine and it was good for about point five seconds and the flavor was gone.

I love to take pictures and I try to make them look like a professioanl took them but they arent that great, but anyways I decide i wanted to take some maternity pictures. So one day my sister comes over and i get busy snapping pictures. With a little editing I think they turned out pretty good.

I was gone two months out of her pregnancey and as I would always skype with her I wouldmake her stand up so I could see how big she was getting!! Nothing compared to when I saw her for the first time in person!

Asher was late and my sister asked if I would rather get the call in the middle of the nght to go to the hospital or go to her house and watch the my mind I was thinking a call in the middle of the night YEAH RIGHT!! BUT sunday, October 9 I got a call at 5:30 but slept right thru it until my dad comes and tells me that she is on the way to the hospital and they are watching the girls. So later that afternoon the Ezells welcome the most handsome little boy into the world!!!   

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